Mission Statement

Hegemony Remedy: A History, A Mission

The authors of Hegemony Remedy would like to thank you for viewing our website. It’s your continued support which has allowed us to expand from a struggling blog site in the basement of our apartment, to a world renowned source of informed opinion and material headquartered at the top of the luxurious Wolverine Towers building in Ann Arbor Michigan. When we first started out, we had the simple goal of bringing to light marginalized points of view. These were very broad and included everything from Gender Equality, to beliefs in the Illuminati and one world government. We found little information was being circulated on the internet to be factually based, infused with opinion, and truly telling the story of the marginalized points of view for which we tried to represent. As time went on, sponsors joined us, our budget grew, and we were able to expand our site. It became clear that many came to our site for an informed opinion on all things related to Arab Americans, the Middle East, and any subsequent cultures. One fan commented on our coverage that we, “Were able to do in 3 posts a day what CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, ABC, and the Daily Show could not with thousands of hours of footage.” We somewhat took that as a grain of salt. While we were interested in these topics, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to that. Everything changed on September 11th, 2001. The Arab American was often the victim of stereotyping, name calling, ignorance, and hatred, but never to this proportion. Still our website went in the same direction. In early March 2003, all of us founders gathered at Rick’s American Cafe, a hot bed of intellectual activity in Ann Arbor, to discuss the fate of our now prominent website. It became evident to us as it did many in the world that the United States was going to invade Iraq. We left Rick’s that night with a mission statement. From then our focus was to cast a better light on Arab-Americans and the Middle East. Our goal was to end the conflation between Arabs and Muslims, examine critically all forms of media from news reports to cartoons, and to cast a better representation of the Arabs and the Middle East. Our website is intended to guide you in doing all these things. We have been highly criticized from many sides but our website is still strong. It was the continued support of our loyal fans and all those seeking refuge from the traditional media’s hegemonic message which has chiseled Hegemony Remedy on the Mt. Rushmore of counter hegemonic media legends. We hope we can assist you in grasping a better understanding of Arab American portrayals, their causes which go misrepresented, and their importance in the global community. To end this forward, I would like to share a quote from Michel Foucalt.

It’s not a matter of emancipating truth from every system of power, but detaching the power of truth from the forms of hegemony, social, economic and cultural, within which it operates at the present time.” – Michel Foucalt

Brett Leach- staff writer

Rayyan Sami- treasurer

Rahul Ramachandran- website engineer

Devin Riley- the entire board of directors

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